Motivating investors made simpler than ever

Tetralog’s ‘Portfolio Impact’ web application promotes the understanding of risks and chances of investing money in securities, and shows the consequences of the interplay of investments in investment portfolios. The offer to use the application is aimed at organisations that wish to provide a modern and informative tool to incentivise financial investment – first and foremost banks and providers of financial services but also issuers and asset managers as well as finance information portals.

On your website
On account of its playfully intuitive use, a simple variant of the application is very well suited to integration into your website. Treat your new potential customers to a foretaste of the excellent quality of the consulting services you provide.

In your customer portal
A version with enhanced features may be best presented in an exclusive area of your customer portal. Give your customers with readily available support in analysing and planning their investments.

For your media presence
Integrate the app with a campaign-oriented website or with the portal of your media partner. The sky is the limit in terms of news options for cooperation – with product partners, to name but one example. We will be happy to assist you implement your own ideas.


Open demo projects


Investors can extract investment ideas from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, and they can see the consequences to be expected in their own securities portfolio.

>> visit “F.A.Z. Portfoliocheck”

Investors can adjust their securities portfolio according to an up-to-date market outlook.

>> visit “Capital Szenario-Depotcheck”


Get to know all the functions

The application consists of several functional areas, which are fully modular. We will be more than glad to introduce you to the ‘widgets’ currently available and to come up with concept proposals regarding the way you could take advantage of these tools in your intended area.