The invest suite supports
product managers and central offices


to manage diverse competencies and offices

to implement investment and product strategies

to define legally-complaint processes

The invest suite empowers
securities advisors


to determine and evaluate customer data according to the law

to provide comprehensive advice in the area of securities portfolios

to prepare appealing consultation documents


Powerful function package
Risk profiling, historical figures, profit/loss consideration, risk/performance analysis, scenarios, value fluctuations, Markowitz optimisation, value-at-risk, and many others.

Standardized yet flexible
By configuration we modify the visual appearance, function areas, and even mathematical parameters according to your wishes. Thereby a big part of the additional costs usually associated with satisfying individual requirements.

Integrated securities information service
Our invest suite is supplied with daily updated securities data by T.E.D., our in-house data service. This way you achieve results of the highest quality possible for your analysis and recommendations.