The tetralog group

tetralog systems AG

Dr. Lothar Jonitz
Director invest solutions GmbH






Methods & Creedo



We work effectively,
as well as efficiently

We deliver to our clients what was arranged, at a minimum. Hereby, we especially pay attention to the sensible handling of any type of resources in which unnecessary and redundant procedures are avoided.


We create knowledge,
and use science

For us, technical correctness has a high priority. We ourselves research for the best solution but also orientate ourselves according to existing knowledge. This aspiration guaranties valuable and lasting results.


We demand and promote
reputable investment consulting

When it comes to investment issues, everybody should be counselled objectively and extensively. We work on this vision – and get there a little closer every day. This is why we provide our clients with the best possible tools.



2014 – Portfolio Impact

First risk/return-based web app for investors.

2011 – Portfolio-Reallocation

Securities portfolio allocation processes in model strategies.

2009 – Composition Indicators

Quality analysis as at-a-glance indicators of portfolio structures.

2009 – FAME FX

Enhancement of quantitative performance expectations by monetary parameters.

2008 – X.Finance

Support and operation of publicly accessible financial portals.

2007 – Portfolio stress test

Large media campaign: free scenario analysis for securities portfolios.

2006 – Co-foundation of IVA

Co-foundation of the Institut für Vermögensaufbau (IVA) AG.

2003 – VaR

Introduction of value-at-risk analyses in advising private clients.

2002 – Depotcheck n-tv

Beginning of an annual media campaign for free depot checks, with over 145k participants.

2002 – invest solutions

Foundation of invest solutions GmbH to represent standardised tetralog solutions.

2001 – Portfolio Optimization

First portfolio optimiser according to Markowitz on the basis of single positions.

1998 – Advisory Software

First software-assisted solution for advising private investors.

1997 – Risk profiling

Method for determining risk types as a basis for a scientifically proven investor profiling.

1993 – Tetralog

Foundation of tetralog systems AG.