Technical Questions

What are the technical demands involved in the making the software available and in using it?

Our service comprises software setup as well as ongoing provision by way of an encrypted high-performance server. Consequently, all users need is to have is an end device that meets the technical requirements. User accounts are also managed by ourselves.

Has the software been tested and fully developed?

The invest suite is already the fifth software generation since 2002.

Is our data safe when we are using your software?

The system can only be used via an encrypted connection and if you have a personalised user account. Data is processed and archived by one of the world’s major providers of data centre solutions. Your personal account manager will be more than glad to discuss further details regarding data protection.

A user has forgotten their password. What should we do?

The person in question must personally make contact with the appointed user support representative. The latter is in direct contact with our second level support. In an emergency, the user may contact our second level support directly.


Practical Issues

Which types of securities may be analysed?

Our offer comprises T.E.D., our in-house securities information service. The data universe contained within it covers the majority of instruments relevant to European private investors (shares, funds, bonds, certificates, indices). We recommend that you use a trial account to see the data volume for yourself. Alternatively, feel free to compile for us a list of ISINs/WKNs for an availability check. Additional market segments, regions, stock exchanges as well as individual pieces of information we may not have can be obtained at favourable rates.

Are there functional boundaries with regard to the analysis of certain products?

Generally speaking, it tends to be quite challenging to define expectation values for the risk and performance of financial instruments complex in structure. The same holds true for making any statements regarding their influence on an entire portfolio. It is for this reason that there may be cases when the software recognizes a given security paper but the former does not allow for its use in the process. The user is made aware of this through symbols and notifications. In such cases, we recommend that you reconsider whether a financial product of this kind makes for a meaningful contribution in forward-thinking analysis. More often than not, discussing such strategic investments separately with the client is more worthwhile. Alternatively, there is always a possibility of an approximate modelling of the product by means of a different ISIN (for instance, an index or base value).

Can alternative and illiquid forms of investment also be analysed?

The principal focus of our software is security papers. Other forms of investment, such as closed-end participation, raw materials, real estate, or works of art can frequently be approximately included in the analysis by appropriate indexes or synthetic price series.

A well-known security paper is not recognised or approved. What should I do?

The quality standards to which we hold both ourselves and our service providers are high. Nevertheless, it is impossible to rule mistakes out completely when processing large quantities of data. For this reason, it is entirely possible that a security paper, which in fact ought to be available for use with the software, is identified as unknown or impossible to analyse. We would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us of any such problems should you notice them before we do. We shall address the issue promptly. For a quick ’emergency fix we can model the product approximately on what you want by a different ISIN (for instance, an index or base value).

Is it possible to integrate proprietary products into the software as synthetic securities position?

We will be more than glad to integrate your template strategy, asset management or other individual products so that you can use them with our software the way you use funds.

Is it possible to use the software to create a new investment proposal?

The software process is oriented towards analysis and optimisation of securities portfolios. However, the process can also be used to create a general investment structure. A recommendation in a sample portfolio or asset management is also possible.



Who is the target group for the offer?

In principle, we consider ourselves as a B2B-provider. Consequently, our offer is aimed primarily at banks, sales organisations, and service companies. Nonetheless, it is possible for independent financial advisors to obtain an individual license from us.

Where can I find information about licence prices?

We want to make sure that the offer we make organizations is as attractive as possible. It is for this reason that the price of a licence depends on several factors. We will be more than glad, in cooperation with our clients, to ascertain the required range of functions, the number of users expected to work with a given software version, the contract duration envisaged as well as other details. This allows us to submit an offer tailored to your needs. Let us arrange for a consultation.

How is the license model structured?

We prefer what is called ‘named user’ procedure. This means that you only need as many licences as there are users. Thus, each user has their own personal account. This way we can ensure that we can offer software at an optimum price for the intended use.

How long is the minimum contract term?

Usually, the minimum licence contract period is 24 months, to be extended by one year each year thereafter. We will be more than glad to discuss alternative arrangements concerning contract term.

Does invest solutions provide user support?

As a rule, our offer includes second level support provided by dedicated user support representatives who constitute first level support in the internal arrangement. The number of user supporters depends on the number of licences ordered. Our second level support is contactable by email and telephone in the usual office hours.


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